Environmental Policy


IFB Ltd is committed to preserving the environment and to minimising any adverse impacts associated with our activities. This commitment will require the continuous improvement of our operational methods and working practices, including the adoption of sustainable waste management systems.


We will achieve our Environmental Objectives by:

1. Operating at all times in accordance with all relevant legislation, approved Codes of Practice and statutory guidance. Employees are required to adhere to this Policy and environmental procedures for their activities within IFB Ltd.

2. The education of our workforce to ensure continuing awareness and sensitivity to environmental issues.

3. Engaging with customers, suppliers, contractors and to encourage a co-operative approach to minimising environmental impacts.

4. Investing in clean technologies, fuel-efficient vehicles.

5. Monitoring our environmental performance to establish benchmarks for continuous improvement.

6. The compilation and publication of a Corporate Environmental Report.

7. The regular review of the policy and objectives.